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The Divine Child is awe-inspiring! Finally, out of the mouths of The Divine Child comes the Voice of our Soul, opening us again to the love, wisdom, and wonderment of childhood. Dr. Emma Farr Rawlings gives us a magical yet real glimpse into her life and that of children from around the world, to help us all become better humans able to help the children in our lives, which in turn helps Mother Earth. It is a timely gift from heaven to a confused and perplexed humanity. It opens doors never before opened. Scientists and laymen alike will find new ways to tap into the secrets of the universe. Many readers may rediscover a paradise lost, the age of peace and harmony when humanity had respect and love for one another – and for our one-of-a-kind, life-supporting Earth.

With an elegant combination of humor, love, and professional skill, the author interviews children of ages four to twelve. Hidden in the depths of their young hearts she finds, and taps into, the wisdom of their souls. A must read!

– Claes Nobel, The New Nobel Legacy: Earth Ethics Prize, United Earth. 

Knowing Emma for many, many years it is unquestionable that she put her heart and her soul into this book and those reading it will feel an awakening of their own.


The Divine Homesickness so prevalent in us in the Western world today will have a moment of redemption and a feeling of belonging once again; our existential lack of meaning will be replaced by a sense of remembering; our experience of potential and limitless possibility will be renewed.


And we will welcome these, as one welcomes the morning sunrise, the birth of a child, the emergence of a new idea, and the moment we know that we are loved and whole.

– Lady Diana Whitmore, Author, Social Activist, Founder of charities aiming to put the soul back into both psychology and into the everyday life of those who suffer.

Inspirational friend and wise colleague, Emma has been interviewing children almost her entire life, and digs deep into the original godness and innate intelligence within each and all of their hearts and souls, and ours – unveiling endangered natural resources – including innocence and acceptance, resilience, forgiveness, creativity, gentleness – and the inexhaustible playfulness of loving grounded in our own incorruptible, innate divine nature. We are all like Buddhas by nature, young and old, sleeping buddhas and awakened ones: what we ‘be’ prior to and upstream from the flow of what we do, fabricate, achieve and become. Viewed through the lens of her personal story, research, interviews, and experience, here we find windows to the soul, portals to seeing the light in each and all of us. Making the future brighter and this entire interdependent natural world a much .better place for generations to come

– Lama Surya Das, Author of bestselling book, Awakening the Buddha Within, and founder of the Dzogchen Meditation Center for Buddhism in the West.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to tell me your story and how the themes of The Divine Child have touched your life.

"We know we must leave a better world for our children, but we must also leave better children for our world."

- Nancy and Pete "Rocketman" Conrad

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