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                        MY WISH FOR YOU 

                               THE DIVINE CHILD'S GOLDEN KEY

What is the magic and wonderment of our Divine Child and of childhood?

The magic comes when we are children because we are in the moment. We have access to wisdom, because we are present. Here lies the Golden Key for all of us, for everyone. The Golden Key is Pure Love and Pure Presence.

The Children of the Earth are calling us to wake up and be present, so that we might serve our planet and help all of those in need.

I am so happy to share my book, The Divine Child: Your Soul’s Inner Voice, with you. My book is all about Peace being possible if we are able to help children connect to their innate wisdom and having adults reconnect to their inner child’s innate wisdom.

I interviewed my first child when I was twelve. The child, Brett, was my neighbor and he was four years old. He was the brother of one of my best girlfriends growing up who lived across the street. My girlfriend was staying with us the day Brett was born. I recall my mom taking us to see Brett in the hospital just hours later. We were looking in through the glass at little babies and suddenly a nurse brought this adorable, red, mushed-up face with mounds of wet, black hair up close to the window. I felt such love for this little creature that had just arrived on earth. I was kind of a little jealous he was not my baby brother, but I was happy for my girlfriend.

My mom and I both recall to this day that Brett would cry a great deal but when I was with him, he calmed down. It became noted that Brett and I had a unique relationship and indeed we did. Even his mom would come when nothing would calm him down and put him in my lap and suddenly he was relaxed. Also, when playing over at my girlfriend’s house, Brett would seek me out to be with me.

One day when Brett was old enough to really talk, he told me that he recalled me from the spirit house in the sky. Brett’s interview, unbeknownst to me at the time when I was just twelve years old, would be the first of many interviews I conducted with children as part of my research and work over the last four decades. I have always believed that children have innate wisdom. And I believe it’s because of this knowing and the respect I have for them that when meeting and interviewing children, they open up and truly show how creative, intelligent, magical, and wise they are.

In The Divine Child, Brett’s interview, along with other interviews from children around the world, really show how in sync we all were at that age to our inner voice, to our inner knowing. Following up with Brett over 50 years later, as I needed to contact him regarding using his name in this book, I asked him a few questions as I was curious if anything from the interview still rang true to him. Did he even recall me and did he maybe remember us talking? Brett’s interview at age four and his replies to my questions via text are a clear demonstration that children know and have wisdom deep within their souls at a very young age, and often retain this knowing into adulthood.

I have also included a collection of some of my own childhood experiences, some traumatic and some magical, along with the children’s interviews to show the innate wisdom we all possess at that age.

It is my hope that you will learn from my personal experience and from reading the children’s interviews from around the world that children are bright, creative, spiritual beings from birth, and have a knowing about the world. They are open spiritually and carry the magic of wonder from a very young age. What I find particularly fascinating is the consistency in the children’s answers from interviews conducted over five decades ago to interviews conducted in the present day. I hope that this book will raise awareness about the innate knowing that children possess so that we as a civilization might begin to care, honor and cherish our dear children on this Earth in ways that they deserve. I know if we give children love and let them know we respect their true nature, they will grow up respecting themselves, and thus will be better stewards of Earth as the Divine Child knows we are one with nature. If we can reconnect to our Divine Child and help foster this in all the children, we know then Peace on earth can finally take root and grow exponentially.

May you also begin to see the divine wisdom inside yourself and find solutions and guidance by reconnecting with your soul’s inner voice – the child within. So, please take the Golden Key and unlock your door to be fully present so that we all might truly have a Servant’s Heart.

Let yourself be in the Enchanted Garden of a Servant’s Heart where anything is possible; especially, the miracles that happen when we take positive actions to serve the world.

What if world peace is possible?

What if we can help planet earth and all living creatures not just survive, but actually thrive?

Please take the Golden Key I am giving you and pause, be still, go within your heart and feel our one heart beating. We are one with earth, ourselves and everything. It’s okay to wake up and live differently than you did the day before. It’s okay to remember why we are here and take actions every day that help every living creature.

With Gratitude,



"Children understand very well that in each woman, in each man, in each child, there is capacity of waking up, of understanding and of loving."

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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