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What I Learned About Parenting From Interviewing Hundreds Of Children (Yes, Hundreds)

As parents, most of us are in a constant state of fear and anxiety when it comes to our children: Will the world be cruel to them? Will they find their meaning or purpose on this massive earth? How can we protect them from the evils that are out there?

Over the years I've committed a great deal of time to interviewing hundreds of children—spanning all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities—for my book, The Divine Child. And what was most shocking about the hundreds of interviews I conducted was unearthing the universal truths that were born with all the children I interviewed. What I discovered is that children know a great deal more than we give them credit for.

In hindsight, hearing what these children had to say made me a better parent to my son. I knew that he had a vision and direction for the person he wanted to become, and during those moments of growth I stepped back and gave him the freedom to forge his own path. Instead of being quick to write off a statement or belief of his as naive, I listened to him and sought value in everything he had to share. As a former psychotherapist, I can't even count the number of times I heard, "My parents won't listen to me" when speaking to kids. So often we forget that our children have a voice.

Was I a perfect parent? Far from it. But having this experience gave me an enlightened model for my journey through parenthood. I hope the truths I uncovered will help you do the same with your children.

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